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Features of Ligna Products 

All our products are made from a special plywood sheeting which is essentially a man-made, engineered product, made from real wood. As wood is a natural, living material you will see some features which gives each panel it's own unique appearance and makes it perfectly suited to the rustic appeal of other garden products. Here's what to expect when you buy your Ligna screening -

Ligna material & finish

We use a revolutionary new plywood product which is 100% modified for permanent outside use. This allows us to provide our customers with a proper, wood based product that is suited and relevant to the garden environment and is more natural than using steel or composite/plastic materials. As it is a sheet material we can produce fantastic shaped panels far easier than conventional constructed garden panels & trellises, giving you the opportunity to create a stylish and unique outside area with ease.

Each panel will have a unique wood grain on both faces. There will be some colour difference between individual panels, which, if left natural/unpainted, is likely to change over time as the product weathers. As it is an engineered wood material you will see the individual layers or `plies' of wood veneers when looking at the edges of the panels. The layers are rotated 90 degrees (cross graining) to one another which gives improved strength and stability.

Panel face features

You may see small, splits, knots & plugs on some panels due to the fibres lifting when being machined & sanded during manufacture. These are minor when compared to the traditional softwood-constructed screens and Trellises in the market today, and keep an element of the rustic garden feel that you won't get with steel or composite products.

Panel edge features

The cut edges may have a slightly rough surface due to the wood grain direction of the ply's. The edges are sanded in production but will vary due to the randomness of the natural material being used. The treatments used during the manufacture of the ply prevent there being any issues with using unfinished cut edges out in the open.

Painted panel features

Ligna can be painted in a wide range of garden paint & stain products. Once the products are painted you will still be able to see some features of the wood grain through the painted surface. This keeps it looking just like the other items in your garden (sheds, summer houses etc) that are also made from natural woods.