• Free Mainland UK Delivery
  • Free Mainland UK Delivery

FAQ: some common questions we get asked by our customers -

Q: What are Ligna products made from?

We manufacture using a 100% modified, engineered plywood designed for permanent outside use.

Q: Where is Ligna made?

All Ligna products are designed and manufactured in our own workshops in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Q: What will the product look like when I receive it?

As Ligna is made from a natural, living material (wood), each panel will have a unique grain pattern on either side of the product. You may also find that some panels have a better `face side’ and a rear side due to the manufacturing methods involved with this wooden material. There will also be certain features in the finish, again due to the material type – see our page web page https://lignaoutdoor.co.uk/i/features-of-ligna-products for further information and some images. We think these features are an advantage as the finish will reflect the details found in any other wood-based products in your garden and helps it look more `real’ than some competitors products which are made from synthetic materials such as plastic, or steel items.

Q: Do we have to paint Ligna?

No. The raw material is suitable for use unfinished – however, you can paint or stain to match other items in your garden if required. Ligna can also be re-painted at anytime in the future should you wish to change the colour scheme in your garden.

Q: My fence panels have been made to a slightly different size to the Ligna toppers – can I still use them?

Yes. We make our fence toppers at 1830mm wide which is the dimension most widely used in the fencing industry however we appreciate that some fence panels get modified in size during installation. You can easily cut our fence toppers to shorten if required and would be able to add additional timber battening should they not be quite long enough (which would be unusual).

Q: I love the Ligna designs but need a screen made to a special size to finish off my garden scheme. Can you help?

Yes. Contact our sales office on sales@lignaoutdoor.co.uk and we will discuss your requirements. We can design and manufacture to suit your needs and will advise on the best way to achieve the look you are after. Each item would be quoted separately.

Q: How do I know the cost of delivery to my address?

All our stock products are inclusive of VAT and free delivery to the mainland UK, so there are no nasty surprises when you buy. If you live outside mainland UK then please email us with your requirements on sales@lignaoutdoor.co.uk and we will confirm the cost of delivery applicable to your post code.